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Considerations You Need To Make Before Signing That Oil Exploration Lease

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If you’re a lucky landowner who owns the mineral rights to the ground that your house is on, you are in a very strong position if an oil company comes knocking and asks to lease your land. You have a chance to get oil or gas royalties if the company finds resources. But the immediate financial issues aren’t the only ones you should think about. Many potential issues can crop up, and you need to do some investigating to ensure that signing the lease is the right thing to do.  Mortgage and Insurance Issues First and foremost, call your mortgage company (if your house isn’t paid off yet) and your insurance company. Drilling can sometimes be a negative event for these two companies. Now, this is not always the case — many people are able to sign drilling leases without affecting their mortgage or homeowner’s insurance. But you need to check first, because you don’t want to sign and then find out that your insurance company wants to drop you. Find out if there are modifications you need to make to your insurance, such as adding riders to cover liability if workers are on a particular part of your property (e.g., if they walk into your backyard instead of staying at the drilling site), or if you have to ensure the lease states that workers won’t do certain things to the land. This is going to vary by company and state, so call the companies as soon as you can. Chances are you’ll be fine and any modifications will be straightforward, but don’t assume that and take a chance by not calling. Home Sales If you were entertaining the idea of selling or renting your home before the oil company came by, you need to carefully think about how a drilling operation is going to affect that. If you plan to keep the mineral rights, that could impact your plans to sell. Plus, renters may be unsure about what they’ll encounter. One thing you can do is work out with the drilling company a set of boundaries that ensure any tenants in the home will be unaffected by the drilling. These can include requiring measures for noise mitigation, traffic flow, and water protection if the house uses well water. Encroachment on Yard Even if you don’t plan to sell or rent, and you want to stay in your home, you may want to work out those same boundaries for yourself. Find out exactly where the company plans to place its equipment, modular offices, storage areas, and the actual drilling pad. Ensure that all of these stay away from the parts of your land that you use as your yard. Oil companies are generally willing to work with you to ensure both parties get the best deal. Oil companies want to be sure that they can find new sources of oil while still protecting your home; the companies know that taking care of the homeowner and the surface land is a vital part of the leasing and drilling process....

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How To Run A More Eco-Friendly Construction Company

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If you are concerned about the environment and you own a construction company, there are many ways you can combine your love of recycling and earth preservation with your business. Here are ways you can make your company more eco-friendly, that are both beneficial to environment and beneficial in making your business unique among competitors. Use a recycling service to remove debris Your company may usually use a trash service to remove unwanted aluminum, glass, and other building supplies from the job site. You can make a simple change that will have a large impact on the environment by hiring a recycling service to remove this debris instead. These construction debris disposal services typically provide multiple bins so your crew can separate the debris into its appropriate reciprocal, such as glass, wood products, plastics, and metal. Promote high-energy solutions Promote energy-efficient solutions to your customers, such as solar panels installed in roofs, double-pane windows to prevent heat and energy loss, and recycled construction materials to reduce waste. Many people are unaware of the ways they can make their homes or businesses more earth-friendly, and if you provide alternatives during the building plan process, you can be doing your part to help make the earth a cleaner place. In addition to promoting earth-friendly building alternatives to customers, you can let them know the benefits they will receive in making healthy environmental choices for their build. Installing energy-efficient windows with double panes can help homeowners reduce energy loss by up to 50%. Run large equipment only when appropriate You will be using large equipment on your job sites, such as loaders, skid steers, and more. Try to run this machinery only when you have to, and alert your crew to never leave these machines idling. You can also upgrade all work vehicles to diesel engines to help preserve the environment, since diesel produces less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide than gasoline engines do. Running a more environmentally-friendly construction business does not require a lot of hard work on your part. Simply switching to a recycling service to dispose of construction material can make a huge difference to your impact on the environment. When you make small changes to make your business more environmentally sound, you get to differentiate your construction business from competitors while making a huge difference to the environment at the same time. Consider any of these small changes to your business to help make the earth a better place for...

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3 Things You Should Know When Using Propane

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If you have not used propane in your home before, you may not be aware of safety tips you can use to avoid fires and other problem. Here are some things to know when using propane. Avoid Running a Generator Inside Your Home If you are preparing for a storm and anticipate a power outage, you may want to run a propane-fueled generator. While you may be tempted to bring the generator indoors so that you can stay inside during and after the storm, that is not a good idea. As with many other sources of fuel, you must beware of carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by exposure to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens when fuel isn’t completely burned. With a generator inside your house, you may be putting your family at risk of exposure to this dangerous gas. Therefore, it is safer to keep your generator outdoors. Know What to Do In Case of a Leak A propane leak can ignite a fire or lead to an explosion. Knowing when there is a leak and responding properly to it can help you avoid damage to your home and injury to you and your family. While propane is naturally odorless, the propane used for residential homes has been treated with chemicals to make detection easier. Usually, the scent of rotten eggs will alert you to the fact that there might be a leak. You can also purchase a leak detector at any home improvement store. If you suspect you have a propane leak, blow out candles and extinguish any open flames. Then, get everyone out of  your house immediately. Don’t attempt to locate the source of the leak or call the propane company from inside your home. When you are all safe outside, call your propane supplier and ask for further instructions.  Avoid an Empty Tank You may forget to have your tank refilled before it becomes empty, but do your best to avoid an empty propane tank. If you have an empty tank, moisture and air may infiltrate the tank and create rust. Rust inside your tank can alter the scent of the propane, making it less likely to be noticed. This can impair your ability to smell propane that is leaking into your home. To avoid forgetting to fill your tank and ending up with an empty one, set up automatic delivery times with a local propane company. Now that you know some of the things you can do to be safe when you’re using propane, be sure to keep the above tips in mind. Talk to propane gas suppliers such as Mrohs Gas Inc to find out more ways to prevent problems with...

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A Guide To Getting Rid Of Your Medical Waste

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If you want to be sure that you are being a good steward of the hazardous material that you use throughout your building, it is important to remember some key tips to help you out. This will allow you to keep your waste from from damaging the building, harming people who come in contact with it, and affecting the environment. With this in mind, read below to exercise the tips that will help you best get rid of hazardous waste materials.  Understand The Various Categories Of Medical Waste To be sure you are properly organizing your medical waste, you need to know the different types. One of the biggest forms of medical waste are medicines, both in the form of prescription and nonprescription. This medicine can refer to those taken either by humans or animals at the veterinarian. You also need to keep tabs on sharps, which include syringes, medical needles and other such objects that puncture the skin. Another form of hazardous waste is infectious material, which can include fluid from the body such as blood, mucus, and saliva, or other such potentially hazardous materials. Develop A Sorting System The best way to sort your medical waste accordingly is by having a quality system in place. Contact medical waste service companies to get color-coded bags that allow you to place these materials where they belong. For instance, municipal law dictates that infectious material, such as bodily fluid, should be disposed in medical waste bags. You can purchase bins that will be disposed on a regular basis, to be sure you are accurately sorting the materials to be discarded. Know The Waste Management Laws By keeping tabs on the law, you will avoid violations. For example, some municipalities dictate that you keep thorough shipping records for your medical waste, in addition to weighing the containers housing them. Not abiding by such regulations can affect your practice or leave the open to fines. Get a breakdown of such laws to be sure that you are always ahead of the game in terms of medical waste treatment. Consult With A Medical Waste Services Company For best results, you should partner with a medical waste treatment service on a contract basis. They will be able to get rid of the accumulated medical waste in a thorough and practical way, with little effort and obligation on your behalf. Doing this provides you all that you need to operate your business without worry, since you are leaving such a crucial matter to licensed and insured professionals. Keep these four rules in mind and you will always be in good hands with your medical waste disposal. For more information, visit S.H Bio-Waste...

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What Makes Water Hard? (And Other Questions About How Mineral Impurities Are Filtered Out Of Water)

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Do you have hard water coming into your home or business? If you do, you’ve probably noticed white deposits on your sinks and shower heads or hard-to-remove soap scum around your tub. Those deposits result because hard water contains high concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium ions. On the periodic chart of the elements, their cations have a 2+ charge. Hard water typically occurs in regions with copious amounts of limestone, a great source of calcium, or dolomite, which contains both magnesium and calcium. While you won’t get sick if you drink the water, hard water coming straight to your house from the municipal water supply can lead to some major problems. Pipes leading into and out of your building gradually become encrusted and eventually are impassable. The problem becomes even more difficult to resolve when water is heated. Heat energy triggers a physical reaction that turns calcium ions into an insoluble molecule called carbonate. Most people refer to it as scale. In hot water heaters, this reaction causes major problems. How Hard Water Is Filtered Since the minerals in hard water interfere with the ability of soaps and detergents to do their jobs, many businesses and home owners opt to filter out the excess mineral deposits. There are a number of ways to do this. Lime softening adds slaked lime to increase the pH of the water. This causes precipitates of calcium and magnesium to occur. These solids are easily filtered out and the result is soft water. Typically, this process is done within the building after the water has passed through the pipes carrying it into the house. Other methods of softening water include chelation, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. The ion exchange method swaps out calcium and magnesium ions for sodium. One drawback to this method is that the water may become too saline for salt sensitive individuals. Commercial Hard Water Purification Systems When it comes to getting clean water for homes and businesses, the world of water purification can become quite complicated. These methods can range from major installations to clean and filter water for millions of people to commercial systems designed for a single food processing plant. Before a customer can purchase commercial water purification for sale, they must investigate to be sure that the system meets building and environmental codes in their locale as well as meeting volume needs while meeting the standards of purity for selected contaminants. Potential customers for a large system include hospitals, research institutions, fisheries, factories, restaurants, and office building. Clean water, free of impurities, is often taken for granted. While the removal of minerals may seem simple, the process of water purification becomes increasingly more complex when large numbers of contaminants need to be filtered out. Large systems are specifically designed to meet local environmental conditions as well as the particular needs of the business or community it will be used within. For more information about custom water purification systems, contact a professional like Custom...

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Learn How To Turn A Dead Tree Into A Flower Bed

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When a tree is no longer living, it is important to have it cut down as soon as possible so that you do not have to worry about it falling on your home during a storm. When you have a tree cut down, it can be hard to know what to do with it though. You could have the company haul the tree away and dispose of it, or you could turn it into a beautiful flower garden. The following guide walks you through the process of turning a tree log into a great flower bed you can enjoy looking at every day. Have the Tree Cut Down The first thing you need to do is have a professional tree service company (such as Stritar Tree Service) come to your home and cut down the tree for you. Have the company cut off the limbs of the tree and cut it so that there is a large log left when they are done. Position the Log Once you plant the flowers, the log will be very heavy and difficult to move. You want to be sure that you position it exactly where you want it to be in your yard beforehand to make things easier. Carve the Log Have the tree service company hollow out a large chunk out of the center of the log. Leave one foot of wood on each side of the log alone so that the soil will stay in the log without falling out on the sides. Have the log hollowed out so that the hole is deep and wide enough for plants to be planted in it. Add Soil to the Tree Mix topsoil with fertilizer to create a nutrient rich soil for your flowers. Fill the bottom of the hole in the log with rocks and then add the soil to the hole. The rocks allow water to drain into the log so that the soil doesn’t become overly saturated when it rains. Plant Your Flowers Place the flowers of your choice into the log. Arrange them in any way that you think looks visually appealing. It is best to add a bit of soil to the bed after you have arranged the flowers to ensure that they are well packed into the hole and do not fall over if the wind blows or it rains vigorously. Once the flowers are in the log, you want to be sure to water them regularly. This will ensure that the roots of the flowers are able to spread through the soil so the flowers can flourish....

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When Cleaning A Sewer Line Destroys Your Home

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No one wants to deal with a clogged sewer line. It’s inconvenient and can be an expensive and messy fix, but did you know that it can be very dangerous? When you combine a sewer clog with a gas line, you have a recipe for disaster. Are You A Victim Of Cross Bore? Chances are, you haven’t even heard of this term. Cross bore is when there is a gas line installed through your sewer line. If you do have this problem, you may not even realize it. This is a problem that occurs during construction, so there isn’t any reason that you would know about it. The best thing you can do is call your natural gas service and be sure that it is OK for you or a professional to clear the clog. Why Is Cross Bore Dangerous? Cross bores are completely safe as long as the installation method is left alone. If your sewer line is clogged and you attempt to use an auger or other drain cleaning tool, you could easily pierce the gas line. A pierced gas line allows gas to leak from the pipe and cause major problems. Leaking natural gas combined with methane gas from the sewer can cause an explosion that can topple a building and cause serious injuries or death. What Are The Signs Of A Gas Leak? You may smell a gas odor inside the building that the sewer line is running to, and bubbles may appear in the toilet bowl water. If you notice these signs, you need to take immediate action: Evacuate the building or home immediately Leave the doors open as you are leaving Do not use any light switches, garage door openers, or any other electronic ignition devices. How Do You Prevent An Explosion? If you are dealing with a clogged sewer line, or even one that is draining slowly, don’t attempt to use any device that enters the drain pipe in order to clear it. Call the natural gas provider in your area so they are able to look at the sewer records to determine if caution is needed. If they can’t find clear records, you may have to have an inline camera inspection to make sure. If a cross bore is present, you will be unable to clear the clogged sewer line until the cross bore is remedied. A clogged sewer line is a hassle, but the last thing you want to do is rush the clearing process and end up with an explosion that destroys your home. Call a professional like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services for more...

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Look Out For Recyclable Scrap Metal In Computers

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According to a 2007 survey, over 200 million units of computer products are thrown away with a lot of recoverable materials inside. Your desktops and laptops aren’t just pieces of plastic with no worth outside of their working calculations; a lot of materials inside the computer can be recovered and used for other purposes. Consider a few recyclable materials before throwing everything out to the curb. The Case Has Scrap Potential Computer cases are often made out of an aluminum or steel frame with plastic on the outside for decorative appeal. Older computers may be nothing but metal inside and out, but any generation can generate some decent scrap metal for recycling. If you need to turn in the metals without the plastics, be very careful with removal. Many people may work too hard to remove plastic covers, resulting in jagged breaks, cuts and excessive muscle strain. Most computer cover items are connected via tabs that can be slid off easily or screws secured in specific places. Look for tabs and screws and break down the computer case as much as possible before trying to rip off anything. It may be easier to pull off loose-hanging plastic pieces, but make sure to be careful. Materials Recovered From Hard Drives Hard drives are usually made of an aluminum casing to protect the sensitive inner components. Once you break that open, rare earth magnets are your target. Rare earth magnets are used to hold the read/write arms of the hard drive in space. The arms are very thin and sandwiched with the magnets instead of being build against rigid, breakable designs. The magnets can be removed and sold to hobbyists or industrial professionals looking to install the magnets for their own purposes. With changing demand and global resource conflicts, getting rare earth magnets from a third party source such as you may be a lot easier for smaller quantities. Since the magnets are small, you can store them easily for later use instead of dealing with the massive space taken up by desktop computers. The hard drives can also be kept on hand for later removal if you don’t want to scrap lots of individual hard drives before securing buyers or finding a reliable recycling source. To find out about other metals and materials that are in demand, contact a scrap metal expert to get a report on what you can do to recycle your computer in a meaningful way. For more information, contact American Northwest Recycling or a similar...

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How Often To Schedule Your Construction Debris Removal

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Are you planning a spring construction or remodeling project? If you’re clearing out a building, tearing off a roof, or doing any other construction, you’re going to have to deal with debris removal. Whether you rent a dumpster or hire a clean-up crew, you have to decide how often you want the waste materials hauled off to the dump. Here’s what to consider. End Of Project Has The Most Advantages If you can wait until the end of your project to have the post-construction clean-up start, you can usually save on labor and transportation costs. If you hire a crew, you only have to hire them once, instead of paying for repeat visits. Most crews have a minimum fee just to show up, but a lower hourly fee once the minimum is paid. That usually makes one long job more cost effective than several small ones. You can also save just by renting a larger dumpster once instead of several small dumpsters over time. For example, one 10-yard dumpster (which won’t hold more than a room’s worth of debris) will cost you over $320, but a 40-yard dumpster (enough to clear out a home or tear off a roof) will cost only a little over $530. If you expect a lot of debris, it can save you money to use the larger dumpster and haul off everything at once. In addition, there are some advantages to keeping your waste materials around during the construction. You might be able to salvage something, or you might end up finding a use for a few spare boards you’d otherwise have tossed. Weekly Removal Is Great If Spaces Are Small Or You Work In Stages If you’re working in an urban area or someplace that doesn’t have room for a large dumpster, you may have no choice but to use a weekly service. It’s not all bad, however, because it helps keep the debris manageable and you’re gaining a clear workspace every week, with no pileups of trash to navigate around. In addition, you may find it easiest to schedule for a weekly clean-up crew to come sort and haul your debris if you plan on recycling any of the materials because it allows materials to be sorted as you go. It’s also handy if you’re working on stages – for example, tearing off a roof and then attacking the siding on a house. You can then easily separate the rubbish into “clean” loads of the same material, making them convenient to haul away and recycle, which helps the environment as well. Don’t Forget Your Personal Preferences Personal preferences also count for a lot. Don’t forget to consider your tolerance level for a bit of a mess if you plan on waiting until the end of a job to clean things up. If it doesn’t bother you, then you don’t have a problem. Some people, however, simply don’t like to look at the debris and want it cleared out as quickly as possible. In that case, having the rubbish removed weekly may be your best plan. When you talk to a waste removal company, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, discuss your options for a removal schedule, including price. Then you can take a good look at your work space, and decide the best way...

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Proper Disposal Of Needles And Sharps

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Needles used for various medical uses can pose a serious health risk to others. Often, those in the medical community or even at home can suffer from diseases passed on as a result of being stuck accidentally with a used needle. Also known as “sharps,” medical needles and other sharp objects used in a medical environment must be disposed of properly to avoid contaminating others or posing a health risk. Proper Disposal In most clinics and hospitals, there are designated containers meant for needle disposal. Once a needle has been used, it should immediately be placed in one of these containers. All containers should be clearly marked for easy identification. Workers who are trained to handle these materials will then come and dispose of them in the correct way according to FDA guidelines. For people who use needles at home, there are several ways to dispose of them. Some companies offer home pick up services, where they will retrieve your used needles and take them to a medical waste facility. You may also be able to get an FDA approved disposal container to use at home. If you travel, there are also containers designed to help you contain your needles safely while on the go.  Proper Containment An approved and safe needle disposal container should follow very strict guidelines. Risks like hepatitis and HIV are very possible if someone were to be accidentally stuck by a used needle. The correct container for needles and sharps must be made with a high grade, heavy duty plastic material. The top of the container needs to be completely puncture proof and sealed tightly when not in use. It should also be able to stand upright and be completely leakproof. Any containers for used medical waste should always be clearly and properly marked so that the contents are visible without opening it. What Not to Do Here are some things to avoid doing when it comes to using and disposing of needles or sharps: Never leave needle containers near children or pets, even if it is sealed. Never throw used needles into the trash can, whether it is at home or in a public place. Do not attempt to flush used needles in the toilet. Don’t try to remove the tip of a needle with cutters or pliers. This can cause the needle to fly off and injure someone. Do not dispose of needle containers incorrectly. They must be retrieved and disposed of using the proper handling measures.  Feel free to call a medical waste service like MWaste if you have...

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